Welcome to our baby shower games site, where you will find Baby Charades and free baby shower games. If you have a little time to make your own games, this list of free game ideas includes our favorite and most popular baby shower games.

If you don’t have time to create your own shower games, Baby Charades comes packaged and ready-to-play. This Pictionary-like baby shower game includes complete instructions, a one-minute timer and more than 100 playing cards (for big crowds or repeated use!)

See our baby shower game in action on youtube

It’s Fun
  • A refreshing change from traditional shower gamesBaby Draw: baby shower games for boys, Baby shower games for girls
  • Makes a great icebreaker
  • Terrific for couples showers too
It’s Easy
  • All you need are pencil and paper
  • Anyone who can draw stick figures can play
  • Ready to play, right out of the box

Our baby shower game has received some nice recognition over the years from national magazines Baby Talk and Pregnancy, regional publications, local television and from Tamara Monosoff, entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Mom Invented. Read reviews of our baby shower game on our press page.

Don’t feel like drawing, want to know how to split up teams? Check out these hints for other ways to play.

After the party, make a Facebook Photo Book or an Instagram Photo Book for the guest of honor.